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    We would like to encourage you to support The J.Dilla Foundation. You are our champions and our backbone, your contributions and patronage enables us to achieve our goals of enhancing and developing urban music programs in inner-cities academia. We are always open to creative and progressive ideas of how we can keep Dilla's gift alive, and how it can better the universe. Please feel free to inquire about how you can get more involved, and/or email your suggestions to
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    Join Our Mailing List info@jdillafoundation.org
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    seeks to be a staple in progressive music education. We are leaders in the effort to enhance and participate with programs and organizations.
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    Organizations with progressive programs can help develop not only talent and creativity, professional leadership skills that will extend into successful careers.

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Paris Loves Dilla
Paris, France
With Special Guests
Dilla Day
Los Angeles, CA
With Special Guests
Love Jones
Albany, NY
With Special Guests
Donuts Are Forever
New York, NY
With Special Guests
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA US
With Special Guests

About Dilla


The Beat Master

A Musical Force

In just over 10 years, James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla accomplished more in terms of recorded output than most artists do in a lifetime. From producing GRAMMY award-winning songs to earning the adulation of his peers and creating a signature sound that altered hip hop and soul music forever, Jay did it all while being the most influential “unknown” producer in the business. At a time when hip hop producers were more recognizable than the artists they worked with, Jay shunned the limelight and humbly revolutionized the sound of hip hop with his meticulous, soulful productions.

Jay’s music mirrored his fastidious nature. Nothing ever sounded out of place in his beats. This quality along with a mathematical sense of order was reflected in his personal life and appearance: clothing and records kept in plastic, shoes neatly stacked in boxes, crisply pressed jeans, and the ever-present feather duster never far from hand. Yet it was the imperfect, the mistakes in music that excited him. His signature sloppy, off-beat drum programming gave his tracks a feeling of freshness and spontaneity, standing in stark contrast to the mechanical, perfectly-quantized beats which characterized much of hip hop at the time.

Jay was a stylistic innovator who was never content to stay in the same pocket. From the airy fender rhodes and handclaps that defined his early sound with Slum Village and Tribe, to the eclectic genre-melding of Welcome to Detroit and the back-to-the-breaks style of Donuts, his music continually evolved at a dizzying pace. Once a particular style was mastered, he felt little need to repeat himself, preferring to push boundaries beyond what was expected or easy for him. Unlike so many innovators who wouldn’t recover from their work being co-opted and commercialized, Jay never ceased to experiment and push his music to new heights.

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